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Ms. Sista, Adria Shahid; a seasoned  performer, songwriter, & Vocal Stylist who finally has come of age to share her story with her debut "Waarrioress of Love" was inspired by the un-pretense reality of life's daily struggles within the self as a Believer.


This repertoire of music represents her personal struggles, and the common struggles as human beings in this life. Some might find the lyrics somewhat unrefined, but definitely for real. She quotes: "I purposely didn't want every note to be perfect, as nothing or no one is perfect or every word so beautiful, but unrealistic. Please listen for the pain & love/joy throughout this album! Her musical style flows from her undeniable faith to her "Rabb" (Lord), in the first track, "Everywhere You Go" , balancing her "nafs" (soul), to the raw fierce lyrics in "Time Slayer" and "Warrioress Of Love".


Sista Adria, aka " The Groove Soultress" sharing a taste of what she wants to give back, despite her failures, all the goodness she has been givin through her music.




Adria Shahid with Urban Jazz Coalition

Lincoln Gala


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P.O. Box 703

Columbus, Ohio 43068

email: sangershahid@yahoo.com




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